The Beauty Pop-up That COJOHAUS Built

By Pati Navalta

COJOHAUS Beauty isn’t your typical hair salon. It’s a style lab and lifestyle brand. Above all, it’s an experience.

This is was what power couple hair duo and style innovators Johnny Bueno and Coco Alexander were going for when they launched COJOHAUS in January. In March they brought their services to San Francisco, adding to their list of locations in Woodside and Los Angeles, which they refer to as their “CojobungalowLA” site, where they work every four weeks.  

Location, however, is where things get a little tricky. Rather than a standard brick and mortar salon, COJOHAUS specializes in mystique.

“Cojobungalowla is an ever-changing private location,” said Bueno. “We let you know the location the day of your appointment. We enjoy the mystery. We recently hosted at the Hollywood Roosevelt and in West Hollywood at a private home we rented.”

The couple has brought their pop-up approach to San Francisco as well.

Johnny Bueno and Coco Alexander

“We are happy to have been able to pivot during COVID and be a continuous pop-up,” said Bueno. “We love beautiful spaces for our clients. There is constant change and we evolve with the atmosphere to keep our clients safe, comfortable, pampered and feeling their best, beautiful self.”

Since reopening, the couple says they’ve been fixing a lot of home cuts and coloring mile-long grey roots. “Honestly people want to be pampered, life is so stressful, it feels good to see clients relax,” said Bueno. 

If you’re looking for something less relaxing and more edgy, however, all you have to do is ask. COJOHUAS specializes in edgy and eccentric structural techniques in color and design shape.  “You don’t need to be a model to have a paparazzi moment,” said Bueno. “We love hair, but we also love dramatics, photography, and capturing our clients’ aesthetic in video.”

This flare for dramatics is perhaps what attracted him to Alexander, a 13-year veteran in hairstyling who has styled for editorial shoots and worked in New York’s fashion shows. Alexander specializes in creating tailored looks for clientele. “We want to show our vision through our craft,” he said.

COJOHAUS quick tip: We are all at home alone together. Use that hair mask you keep saving. Embrace your natural texture with minimal styling products and heat styling. Get ready for the look you never knew you wanted. Coming out of quarantine, it’s time to make a splash with your look. Bold is better!

1415 23rd Ave., 415.562.8221,

Photos courtesy of COJOHAUS Beauty


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