Get Back on the Road Again—Safely—with Travellers Autobarn

By Cicero A. Estrella

Slowly but surely, the Bay Area, California and the rest of the country are reopening.

But even as spring has sprung, it’s understandable if there are still feelings of trepidation about venturing outside after more than a full year of being asked to shelter in place and stay clear of each other.

Luckily, Travellers Autobarn offers the perfect solution—a way to share the great outdoors with others without getting too close and personal.

With a location in San Francisco, as well as Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Travellers Autobarn offers affordable campervan rentals that provide the adventurous types their own “capsule” that’s perfect for the slower, more localized road trip that will be desirable for the foreseeable future.

Affordable rentals start at $45 a day (fluctuating seasonally) with a four-day rental minimum, unlimited free miles and no price hikes on weekends.

The most popular option is the Kuga Campervan, which is equipped with a proper kitchen with sink, gas cooker, fridge and microwave—all powered by solar panels. The spacious vans comfortably seat and sleep 2-3 people, and have an internal height of 6 feet, 5 inches.

Travellers Autobarn also has options for those chillier nights with a free Winter Pack that includes sleeping bags, hot water bottle and electric heater, or a rental Mountain Winter Pack with an electric blanket and a 240-watt portable power station.

The company website also provides dozens of itineraries, including a San Francisco-to-Los Angeles adventure in six days.

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Photos: Travellers Autobarn


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