TruFusion Fitness Boutique to Open in San Francisco

By Cicero A. Estrella

Yoga, boxing, pilates. And community.

TruFusion, a full-body fitness boutique that emphasizes the power of community, will open its first location in San Francisco in mid-May. The new boutique will be located at 250 Fremont St., within walking distance of Salesforce Park, and just around the corner from Facebook and Google.

Join TruFusion San Francisco and you’ll be hooking up with the TruTribe, an eclectic community that works together to bring forward the best versions of themselves.

“TruFusion is my sanctuary,” said member Amy S. “I’m so grateful to be able to learn and sweat with some of the most talented people in the world. Staff and management are always friendly and helpful, they always make you feel welcomed. Thank you, TruTribe, for all that you do.”

TruFusion San Francisco will offer a powerful mix of traditional and fusion workouts in its four heated and unheated fitness studios. You can stick with the tried-and-true Hot Yoga and Circuit Training, or maybe try out the adventurous KettleBooty or Barefoot Bootcamp.

Whatever your mood, TruFusion San Francisco has a class for it.

“Always been a fan of ‘hot’ classes,” member Kayla C. said. “Really emphasizes breaking a sweat when working out. But more emphasis on clearing the mind, body and soul—because it feels like you’re really detoxing.”

The San Francisco location features state-of-the-art Bio-Aire Defense Sanitization and Disinfection Systems that are engineered to kill and capture 99.99% of airborne microorganisms and virus particles.

Its spa-like locker rooms are stocked with luxe skin products and dry bars, and juice bar to refuel before and after workouts.

For membership information and more, visit, call 415.757.0803 or email.

Photos: TruFusion


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